Email Marketing

Submission Interface
One of the greatest benefits to email marketing services is the online interfaces and remote controlling features that allow email marketers a level of flexibility in how they manage and submit their email releases. Our analysis of the submission interface delves into the features and functions provided in the interface for creating and submitting HTML and highly-customized emails and the overall usability of the interface.

Protocol Compliance
We find it vitally important for an email marketing company to ensure their email communications meet email standards and protocols to not only ensure deliverability, but to prevent anti-spam measures and other systems from preventing the delivery of the emails. The vendors which we recommend have an in-depth understanding of email protocols, anti-spam factors, and other factors which could negatively impact the email marketing service.

Delivery Rate
The achieved delivery rate of the email marketing service is another key factor to ensure that users of the email marketing service will have their communications received by their audience. Many of the services provide guidelines for how to get around many common anti-spam methods which can accidentally target legitimate communications. These vendors are true experts in improving and maintaining a high delivery rate.

In addition to a high delivery rate, effective email marketing services also provide their marketers with useful metrics and analytics. This often provides an email marketer with an enhanced look at the success of their campaigns through tracked deliveries, reads, and clicks within emails. Our analysis also spans an array of tests to ensure the data of each email marketing platform is not only comprehensive but accurate as well.

The support component of the evaluation process ensures the email marketing companies offer their clients an open channel of communication to resolve any issues they may encounter. Whether it be an issue of downtime, malfunctioning features, or anti-spam systems, the email marketing service should offer their customers with a channel available online or over the phone to resolve the issues they may come across.