Landing Page Optimization

Site Analysis
Our evaluation of landing page optimization companies places a focus on how much time is spent analyzing a client’s existing website and infrastructure. The vendors which we recommend take time to understand the different aspects of a currently existing website which make an attempt to convert clients into paying customers. This ensures they better understand the direction of the current marketing communications.

Strategy Development
The strategy development aspect of the evaluation focuses on how well a vendor is able to create a unique strategy particular to a client’s marketing and advertising operatives and the goals behind the landing pages being created. We analyze whether the LPO company puts a particular focus on segmentation when drafting a creating a variety of landing pages and how their experience plays into the strategy development.

The actual process of implementing the landing pages is also crucial to ensure the landing page optimization company is able to adequately communicate with a company’s design and development team to properly integrate various means of capturing information which already exist into the process. In addition, the company needs to properly communicate various subtle differences between different designs in the case of testing.

In addition to implementation, we also analyze how much effort is placed into actually testing different approaches and what systems are put into place to perform different styles of testing. We analyze whether the company performs multi-variant a/b testing and other types of tests to determine the success of a landing page from a conversion standpoint and an accuracy of expectation standpoint.

It is important for the landing page optimization company to not only properly report on the status of a project, but to also report on the difference in performance between different landing pages, different advertising ventures, and subtle differences in different variables. Reports should also give the client an understanding of the advice provided to them on how to improve their conversions across different marketing initiatives.