Lead Capture

For lead capture software one of our main areas of evaluation lies in the tracking strategies and technologies used by each company. Having an effective means of tracking users and their engagement with a website or other communications is crucial to the success of lead capture campaigns. Buyers want to know how users are reaching them, how their leads are converting, and which campaigns are most effective.

Our analysis also delves into the software’s ability to identify incoming visitors based on a number of different factors including where they are reaching the website, what their identity would be most likely based on IP, and how they have engaged with the website. The vendors which we recommend offer a software solution that is greatly effective in identifying the user and the source of the user’s interaction with the website.

The accuracy of the information obtained by the lead capture software is also an important element of the evaluation. Having inaccurate information can cause more headaches than it prevents. Our analysis delves into whether the statistics and information provided by the vendor are accurate and up-to-date. Time is also spent ensuring that the information being delivered to the user is presented in a timely manner.

The features of the lead capture software are also important to ensure there is an acceptable level of customization in what information is required and how it is displayed to the user. Different features can provide users with different options for capturing information and organizing it. We analyze whether the features add another layer of complexity or if the features provide the user with another level of insight on the information collected.

It is vital for the lead capture software to have a strong support team behind it in order to address any issues which may come up in regards to the operation of the software. Both customer and technical support teams should be available to address issues presented by the client in a timely manner. We ensure the vendors which we recommend have a history of addressing issues in an effective and efficient manner.