Reputation Management Services:

Needs Analysis
The very first steps taken by the reputation management company to better understand their client’s problem is vitally important. Our research team analyzes how much information the reputation management company gathers in order to better understand what kind of information is spread on the Internet and to determine the best method of approaching protecting the reputation of their client.

Strategy Development
A major part of the evaluation process involves taking a look at how each reputation management company develops a central strategy to govern each project. We believe it is important for a company to have a clear vision of their strategies and methodologies to ensure they take actions which positively impact the reputation of their clients and the visibility of positive press within major search engines.

We urge buyers of online marketing services to hire reputation management companies which have shown a sense of urgency in assisting their customers. Our evaluation process delves into how responsive the reputation management company is based on their proactive assessment and constant vigilance over the search results relating to their clients. Being responsive means being able to react quickly and positively to an incident’s occurrence.

In addition to being responsive in nature, we ensure the recommended reputation management companies also maintain a system of monitoring search terms and sources of news and information within the industries of their clients. This allows them to take proactive steps towards mitigating negative results which may negatively impact the reputation of their client.

Reporting is a crucial part of the evaluation process used to benchmark reputation management companies. Having the right reporting tools in place ensures that customers will understand the current status of a project and how the project impacts their online credibility and reputation. Having clear and concise reports showcasing the steps taken and the recommended steps in the future ensures the client will benefit greatly from the service.